Festival History

The Juniper Island Art Festival was conceived back in August 1992 and was held in the pavilion on Juniper Island. Andrew Ross, Kathy Dembroski, Ann Chaban and Dafydd Parry all supporters of Stony Lake and its artists, were instrumental in the development and organization of this wonderful exhibit.

Angela McCumber joined their enthusiasm and was the show curator for the following nine years. Arlene Dalton and Kit Ridpath then took over the reigns for the following four years and introduced the “Young Artist” exhibit. Dianne Estabrooks and Carol Ingleton then took on the task for a few years, and then Alison Rodriguez was the Coordinator. The hard work and dedication that these, and many other individuals, contributed to the Juniper Island Art Festival continues.

In 2016, Craig Dean took on the challenge, bringing a new look to the show and introducing special exhibitions.

The success of that first Juniper Island Art Festival was overwhelming! Nineteen artists exhibited approximately 60 pieces of artwork in the 1992 festival. Today there are forty artists represented, exhibiting more than 120 pieces of artwork. There is an extremely good mix of sculpture, painting, and photography. The work changes from year to year as artists grow and develop, or change their techniques and/or mediums of choice. Every year a number of new artists appear and so the creative circle develops and grows.